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Pessoas 4. 4. 2018

Following Now: Sabrina Claudio

O que pode ser melhor do que um talento desmesurado aliado a uma beleza estonteante? Poucas coisas, acreditamos. A boa notícia é que Sabrina Claudio tem tudo isso e muito mais.

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2. 4. 2020

English version | Portefolio JR

His work is spread over streets, alleys and avenues in several cities, all over the world; it is open to the public, free from the constraints, and the limitations, of galleries and museums. That's exactly what moves JR, the French artist and activist who hides himself behind a hat and sunglasses - people, causes, life.

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Entrevistas 3. 9. 2020

The man that came from the future

Avant-garde before all avant-gardes. Pioneer before all pioneers. Visionary before all visionaries. Here’s Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, creative director at Benetton, a multidisciplinary artist and a man of a thousand crafts.

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4. 3. 2021

English Version | Roteiro: What to see, what to read, what to do

What to see, what to read, what to do

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