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Notícias 11. 8. 2017

Entrevista: Mario Testino

Mario Testino foi o realizador e fotógrafo da nova campanha para o perfume Light Blue Eau Intense da Dolce & Gabbana, com Bianca Balti e David Gandy. A propósito deste novo desafio, Testino revelou algumas curiosidades sobre a sessão fotográfica numa pequena entrevista para ler, aqui.

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3. 9. 2020

English Version | The light at the end of the tunnel

Leonard Cohen may have immortalized the lyrics of “Anthem” to later become a sort of mantra for a number of generations, but only vocalized what hope represents: a luminous beam in a dark room, a ray of sun in a cloudy day, the seven colors of the rainbow that announce the end of the rain in a battle between darkness and the light from where the light will come out as inevitably victorious.

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31. 10. 2020

English version | That’s how the light get’s in

There is a crack in everything, everywhere, in all beings, living and non-living. It is there, through that small crack, that light, however small it may be, manages to enter. And thus transform what was an apparent error into a detail of the most amazing beauty.

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Vídeos 21. 1. 2021

Fashion Film | What light through yonder mirror breaks?

Não é o Oriente, ou a Julieta, mas também não é o sol, porque a famosa frase da obra de Shakespeare não refere um espelho e sim uma janela.

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11. 10. 2022

English Version | Translucid chrysalises

Our homes, places of rest and comfort, are targets of a true metamorphosis in the hands of VELUX. Through natural light, a revolution is proposed in the way we interpret our domestic spaces.

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