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Tendências 27. 6. 2017

Todas as flores

É a primeira coleção de Thea Bregazzi e Justin Thornton para o lar e podemos dizer, desde já, que nos vai fazer não querer sair de casa.

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Notícias 6. 11. 2017

Os novos acessórios da Tiffany&Co.

Não são as habituais peças de decoração, mas certamente vão tornar o seu lar mais trendy.

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15. 7. 2020

English version | Inception

Disconnected proportions and misshapen lines make any living room the climax of a home.

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5. 12. 2020

English Version | Shopping: Candles burn until the end

Much more than a small decorative object, candles have the power to revitalize the mood of the room in which they are inserted. But no two candles are alike: each candle is unique because of its smell. So, when choosing the one that best suits the occasion (a romantic dinner, a family night, a movie evening, you name it), do not hesitate to use and abuse the five senses.

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21. 1. 2021

English Version | Shopping: The reflective age

In a world as complex as the one we live in, it is normal to feel that we are trapped in a series of distractions, which suffocate us and take away our focus.

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14. 4. 2022

English Version | “There’s no place like home” - Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz

Few feelings come close to the pleasure of coming home. Our home.

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