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Compras 11. 3. 2022

Cerâmica | Aqui há pipis

E maminhas. E outras partes íntimas fortalecidas pelo barro e pela mensagem que querem passar: está na altura de normalizar a anatomia - nomeadamente a feminina.

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11. 3. 2022

English Version | The Queen of Caldas

One of the most emblematic tourist attractions in Caldas da Rainha is this ex-libris of the city, this monument for people, this attraction that is the Fruit and Veggie Market. But the path that takes you there is ruled by another fruit and vegetable, just as or even more iconic than the market, which fills souvenir windows and ignites cheeky smiles, as much as jawdropping expressions: the phallic ceramics of the area, sovereign when it comes to stealing attention — yes, even more so than the local farmerr' produce. Are your crown jewels ready for this text?

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