3. 5. 2019

Three quotes from Sharon Stone’s interview for Vogue

by Vogue Portugal


For Vogue’s may issue we sat with Sharon Stone (leg crossing included). Anticipating that issue, that arrives on newsstands today, we highlight three quotes from the interview with the actress.

Sharon Stone. © Branislav Simoncik

Forget all the labels you’ve ever imagined for Sharon Stone. The best thing about the actress who immortalized the most emblematic leg crossing of Cinema is that she is beyond any label. Including that historical cinematographic moment of Basic Instinct.


“When I started in this industry, the term ‘fuckable’ was used by studio executives to evaluate if you had the profile to get a role. They would sit around a table and discuss wether each one of us was indeed ‘fuckable’. They thought that I wasn’t.”


“Movies, good movies is a dying art. Nowadays, television has more quality opportunities.”


“Neglect women? Yes, no doubt. And frankly women are not being represented as they really are. Most movies are written by men, made by men, created by men, and thought with a male mentality. Neves considering how women really are, how we think and how we feel. That’s why a lot of my characters are drunk, addicted or crazy, it’s the only way I can honestly tolerate their behavior.”


This is an excerpt, the full version is in Vogue's may issue, on stands.
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